Mini Bon Jovi Lights Up The Rutgers Scoreboard (Video)

Mini Bon Jovi Lights Up The Rutgers ScoreboardTotal Pro Sports – Getting a team fired up by smashing a helmet into your head is one thing, but getting an entire fan base excited over an air guitar solo is much more impressive (in some ways).  Rutgers fan Nicholas Sasso, otherwise known as “The Bon Jovi Kid”, has Bon Jovied his way to college football fame.

It all started last year in a game between Rutgers and Louisville.  The Scarlet Knights were trouncing Louisville on the football field and Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love a Bad Name” came on the loudspeakers.  The 12-year-old Sasso starting rocking out, but little did he know he was up on the big screen.  Once he realized it he kept his cool and kept on rocking.

His antics have now become a tradition at home games.  Every time the song comes on the camera pans to him and he “performs” the entire song for the crowd on the big screen.  The crowd eats him up, sure, but does it really impact the game at all?  According to one player it does:

The football team is also aware of Nicholas’ presence, and they take a bit of energy from the crowd when he appears.
“He gives the crowd some more entertainment, which keeps the crowd noise going,” said Rutgers College senior and football player Shamar Graves. “The kid is cool.”

His act has brought him youtube fame, an appearance in ESPN the Magazine’s video of the day, and even an invitation to the Today Show (which his mother graciously declined for him).  He’s not as talented or impressive as that kid who scored the ridiculous goal in a hockey game, but if this kid ever goes to Rutgers I’m guessing he’ll be pretty popular.

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