Slip-and-Slide Determines USC Trojans Scrimmage Winner

Slip-and-Slide Determines USC Trojans Scrimmage WinnerTotal Pro Sports – Pete Carroll is just about the coolest coach there is.  Aside from all the success on the field, it seems like he just loves having fun off the field.

Try this one on for size: At a USC practice Tuesday, the offense and defense were tied 12-12 at the end.  So Coach Carroll, seemingly unphased by his Week 3 loss @ Washington and the recent tragic weightlifting injury to Stafon Johnson, decided the best way to determine the winner was by having a slip and slide competition between 58-year-old offensive line coach Pat Ruel and 43-year-old defensive line coach Jethro Franklin.

It was a rare rainy day in Southern California, and Carroll was going to take advantage of it.  Apparently the entire team went to the most wet and slippery part of the field and then the two coaches went at it.  After 2 rounds of craziness between the two, Franklin and the defense emerged the winner.

What’s next for Carroll?  With the ridiculous recruiting and his pro offensive and defensive schemes, he can do pretty much whatever he wants.  He is successful at creating pros at pretty much every position.  Will players compete in pie-eating contests to determine starting positions?  Maybe he’ll have the coaches drag race to see who gets to use the film room.  Whatever he does, you can be sure it will be cool.

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