Badgers Scott Tolzien Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

badgers-scott-tolzien-looking-for-love-in-all-the-wrong-placesTotal Pro Sports  – The starting quarterback for the Wisconsin Badgers Scott Tolzien was having a rough day against Ohio State this past Saturday.  In fact, Tolzien was having the kind of day where he was responsible for two of the opposing teams touchdowns in the form of interceptions returned for scores.  Neither of them were anything he wanted to see in highlight films of good interceptions.

Tolzien’s Badgers were 5-0 going into the game with the Buckeyes.  Although they had mostly played cupcakes before this week’s matchup, Tolzien had still looked pretty impressive.  He had 9 touchdowns and 3 interceptions in those 5 games.  Most people felt the team was not as good as their record, however, and it showed on Saturday.  Tolzien’s day was a disaster.  Even though the Badgers controlled the ball for 42 out of the 60 minutes, they were consistently unable to avoid big mistakes.

When the team finally did make a good play, Tolzien was fired up.  When he went to celebrate by trying to get a high five from his teammates, they showed their disapproval for their quarterback’s performance by giving him the shaft.  Not a single player on the team wanted to high five Tolzien.  As the announcers said: “He finally gave up.”

Whether the players were actually trying to send a message to Tolzien or not, it is hilarious to see him aimlessly running around looking for love that no one wants to give him.  At least the fans are loyal, even if they have to go to great lengths to show it.