Bills Fans Voice Displeasure Through Billboard Advertising

Buffalo Bill BillboardTotal Pro Sports – Buffalo Bills fans are extremely disappointed with their team this season, and now they have a way of showing it to anyone driving up I-190 on the south side of the city.  A disgruntled fan, one of many apparently, decided to raise money through an internet drive to rent the billboard space and make the fans’ voices heard to owner Ralph Wilson.

The fan who is behind this whole campaign against the Bills is Ryan Abshagen, an unemployed 18-year-old from New Freedom, Pa.  Abshagen claims he is not trying to hurt or insult anybody, he just wants fans’ voices to be heard.  Judging by this explanation of what’s going to be on the sign, I’d say he’s doing both:

Starting early Monday and running for a week, the message will be flashed up to 3,000 times per day on a digital billboard overlooking Interstate 190 on the south side of the city, Abshagen said after signing a contract with an advertising company.

The display will feature a message that reads, “It’s time to clean house, RALPH,” referring to Wilson. Next to that will be a checklist of three names: Head coach Dick Jauron, chief college scout Tom Modrak and vice president of pro personnel John Guy.

Most fans would be unhappy with Bills management and front office.  Their ineptitude and stinginess have led the Bills to miss the playoffs 9 straight seasons.  This year is no better, as the Bills have looked awful starting just 1-4.  They even blew an 11-point 4th quarter lead to the Patriots a few weeks ago.

There were also high hopes this season with a decent defense, Trent Edwards seemingly developing, and the acquisition of Terrell Owens.  Unfortunately it hasn’t played out that way (T.O. is way better at reporting than he’s been at actually playing), and Bills fans are pissed.  Abshagen claims that he will try to raise money to keep the billboard up and that a win against the Jets would not change his mind.  One win against a mediocre team won’t erase 9 years of terrible management in fans’ eyes.

Buffalo Bill Billboard

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