Canadiens Lose Despite Having 7-on-4 To End Game (Video)

Canadiens Lose Despite Having 7 Men On IceTotal Pro Sports – The Colorado Avalanche have been superb so far this season, and they can add winning with a 4-on-7 to their resume.  4-on-7 sounds unconventional, but that is exactly what happened last night in the Avalanche-Canadiens game.  It wasn’t exactly intentional cheating like Joe Mauer did when he stole signs, it was much more subtle.  Sort of.

The Avalanche led 3-2 going into the final minute of play.  The Avalanche managed to hang onto the lead even though Montreal laid down a barrage of shots on goal while having 7 men on the ice for an extended period.   Carey Price was on the bench and Montreal’s coach sent out an extra player to try to score a quick goal.  The only problem is that Hal Gill’s penalty ended during the final minute and he stayed on the ice.  Whether he realized he was the 7th man or not, the ploy went undetected by the referees.

The Avs were not really catching any breaks all night, but still managed to pull out the victory despite some shaky refereeing.  And if you are a fan of an NHL team that ISN’T the Avalanche, you probably don’t want to play a  team that is so hot they can even win 4-on-7.

They’ll be moving up the power rankings at this rate, that’s for sure.

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