It Shouldn’t Take This Much For Natalie Gulbis To Get Most Men Up (Video)

Golf star Natalie Gulbis hits sleeping fan with wedge shotTotal Pro Sports – Natalie Gulbis is a very famous and popular female golfer.  She is known as much for her skill on the links as she is for her looks off of it.  This video gives an inside look at how playful and fun Gulbis can be as well.  It’s not quite as intimate as Tiger Woods fart, but it’s still a great video.

While most men can only dream of being personally “aroused” by Gulbis, some guy got the honor of actually having it happen to him.  During a practice round for Gulbis, she notices someone sleeping out in the bleachers along the green.  After betting her caddy $5 that she can hit him, she pulls out a club.

Unfortunately for the caddy, he is so good at his job that she hits the man dead on and wakes him up.  How?  When Gulbis asks for the yardage to the man, the caddy says “55 yards”.  It was probably pretty tough to figure out the yardage from where they were, but the caddy was on his game and it cost him.  Was this shot as unbelievable as Leif Olson’s bank shot hole-in-one?  No, but it was still very impressive.

I never thought I would be jealous of someone getting hit by a golf ball, but Natalie is more than welcome to wake me up in any way she pleases.

Hat Tip –  [DevilBallGolf] via [WithLeather]

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