Soccer Team Scores 9 Goals In 9 Minutes, Wins Battle Of Cheaters

Soccer Team Scores 9 Goals In 9 Minutes, Wins Battle Of CheatersTotal Pro Sports- This may be the craziest example of cheating that ever existed, definitely crazier than Montreal’s little 4-on-7 situation or even Joe Mauer‘s sign-stealing attempt.  In the Brazilian Maranhão State League second division, two teams were tied at the top of the league with the same number of point going into the last day of the season.  The two teams, Viana and Moto Club, both had games that day.  Viana was playing Chapadinha and Moto Club was facing Santa Quiteria.

Both of the games were scheduled at the same time and both teams needed a win badly to have a shot at the league crown.  Both teams were up 2-0 over their opponents, and that’s when things got crazy.  35 minutes into the second half, Viana heard that their rivals Moto Club were winning their match.  All of a sudden, Viana’s opponents began to lay down and stop trying.  If the shock of seeing a statistic like 9 goals in 9 minutes doesn’t catch your eye, the video definitely will.  Viana ended up winning 11-0.  That’s just embarrassing.

But apparently that little episode of cheating was not the end of it.  Moto Club, desperate and paranoid that their 2-0 lead was not enough, earned 3 penalty kicks after the 82 minute mark and they were down a man!  If it seems odd, that’s probably because it is.  Unfortunately their attempt at cheating fell far short of whatever scheme Viana came up with to get their opponent to lie down.

Obviously the president of the Viana team claimed that any accusations of wrongdoing were ridiculous.  The league president was not as optimistic, however.  You know the term “Busch League” is used to refer to an amateur or unprofessional move in baseball?  I’m pretty sure that the term should be changed from that to “Maranhão State League” from here on out.  Wow.

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