Basketball Player Attacks Fan In Filipino Remake Of “Malice At The Palace”

Total Pro Sports – All too often, it seems as though fans are afforded the opportunity to dish out some harsh punishment towards players, whether it be in the form of an offensive sign, or a full cup of beer.  The athletes, on the other hand, are handcuffed by the rulebooks and the prospects of losing thousands of dollars from their paychecks, and therefore are usually left to accept such attacks without retaliation.

One Filipino basketball player however was not about to sit there and let himself become the victim of some verbal abuse form a court side spectator.  It was not quite like the shot taken by Natalie Gulbis at one of her fans, but it did provide a similar abundance of entertainment.

During a Philippine Basketball Association game between the Burger King Whoppers (no, that is not a joke) and the Smart-Gilas, Wynne Arboleda of the Whoppers assaulted a fan, Alain Katigbak, who apparently shouted something at the nine year PBA veteran after he had received his second technical foul of the game.

Arboleda has been suspended for the remainder of the season without pay for his actions.  Although he never really connected on any of the punches he delivered, the penalty handed down by the league is not a surprising one considering his reaction to something that any professional athlete should be well adapted to.

As for Katigbak, he has been a big fan of the PBA, but likely will never order another Burger King Whopper heavy-all.  Here is the clip.

Hat Tip Video – [Ball Don’t Lie]

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