Raiders Tap Pigeon For Special Teams Help (Video)

Total Pro Sports- The Oakland Raiders have been just atrocious to watch this season.  Pretty much the only highlights that they have had are when they are on the receiving end of a beating.  That all ended yesterday when they pulled off a huge upset of the Philadelphia Eagles.  Not only did they win, but they may have had the highlight of the season.

On a kickoff by the Raiders, a pigeon flew onto the field.  The pigeon didn’t just fly on the field, however, but actually lined up for the kick and flew down the field as though he was in coverage.  Although the referees did not call a penalty for too many men on the field, the pigeon essentially acted as a 12th man in coverage, running downfield with the kicking team and even playing for containment on the outside.  Other animals on the field haven’t worked out as well, like Sabre the horse for Virginia bucking his rider off.

Was the pigeon the key to the Raiders success this week?  Let’s just say the Raiders are now 1-4 without the pigeon and 1-0 with it.  Al Davis has brought in far worse players for far bigger contracts before, so why not give the pigeon a shot?  There’s no way he can be worse than Jamarcus Russell, who basically looks like bird crap every week.  And I bet he would get more sideline love than Tolzien did for the Badgers last week.

Hat Tip Video – [FanSided]

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