12-Year-Old Mark Benevento Jr Out-Drives Tiger Woods (Video)

12-Year-Old Mark Benevento Jr Out-Drives Tiger WoodsTotal Pro Sports – It was a sunny October afternoon as Tiger Woods traveled to Asheville, North Carolina to meet and speak with fans at his newly designed gold course.  While there, Woods, showed off his swing, but after a few of his balls found the trees (after all, even Tiger is susceptible to a shank now and then), he challenged his onlookers to do better.

Woods picked Mark Benevento Jr. out of a crowd of about 100 people.  Maybe it was because he was confident a 12-year-old could not out-drive him.  Think again.

Mark, who made the trip down from South Jersey with his father, took the driver, lined up his shot, and nailed it 200-yards straight down the fairway.  Tiger was in disbelief, asking Mark to do it again, and he did just that.  Those in attendance came to see Tiger, but it was his middle-school opponent who was putting on the clinic here.

Tiger wasn’t the only one surprised at the display put on by the youngster.

“I was surprised because I thought I was going to top it or something,” said Mark. “[Tiger] was clapping. He was really surprised that I can actually hit it.” [NBC Philadelphia]

Woods congratulated Mark on his performance, letting him know that he was “proud of him.”  Don’t let the sincerity fool you though.  Even I could see the nervousness in Tiger’s eyes as he couldn’t help but think “this kid may just end up breaking all my damn records.”  Only time will tell Tiger.

Hat Tip – [NBC Philadelphia]

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