ARod Back To His Groping Ways, This Time It’s Jeter’s Ass

arod-ass-grabTotal Pro Sports – So maybe there really is no feud between New York Yankees’ stars Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez.  After all, what says “friendship” better than a full two-handed cup-and-grab of another man’s ass cheeks.  Now if only we could see their female companions make up in a similar fashion.

ARod is no stranger to groping, as some of Toronto’s finest in uniform will tell you, but last night during game three of the ALCS against the Angels, he found himself “playing for the other team” when he hustled to the dugout steps to get himself a piece of Jeter’s ass following a Yankees home run.

Camera’s caught the third baseman quickly cup a feel of an unsuspecting Jeter, somewhat startling the Yankee’s shortstop.  As far as sports celebrations go, it is not quite the most homoerotic thing we have witnessed, but if you were looking for any indication of a strong bond brewing between these two superstars, nothing says “I forgive you” like an man-on-man ass grab.

Alex Rodriguez ass grab

Hat Tip GIF – [Tirico Suave]

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