Work Getting In The Way Of Sports? Here Is A Solution!

Bruins Fan Does HomeworkTotal Pro Sports – It is Thursday night and you promised your 10th grade physics class that you would have their quizzes marked and handed back by the end of the week.  You spent Tuesday and Wednesday night sitting at home watching reruns of The Hills, thinking Thursday night would be more than enough time to mark 25 papers.

As you head home Thursday afternoon, thinking about the best plan of attack for marking an entire class worth of quizzes, your boyfriend calls you up and tells you he has tickets to the Bruins game.  You love seeing the B’s live, but you made a promise to all those students.  If only there was a way to get both done.

Wait!  There is!

Our friends at Barstool Sports received these pics of a young woman marking papers at the Bruins game while wearing a Phil Kessel jersey.  It is a clear sign of dedication towards her hometown team, but it is also an easy way to miss a thunderous check, or a great goal by one of the youngsters during the Mini 1-on-1.

So is taking your homework to the game a good idea?  Let the debate begin!

Bruins Teacher Working

Bruins Fan Does Homework

Hat Tip Pics – [Barstool Sports]

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