13-Year-Old Canadian May Be The Next Basketball Prodigy

13-year-old-canadian-may-be-the-next-basketball-prodigyTotal Pro Sports – While the search for the next LeBron James continues, it may eventually come to an end north of the boarder.  That is where you will find Andrew Wiggins, a 13-year-old Canadian kid who is currently playing ball at Christian Faith Academy in North Carolina.

He may only be in the eight grade, but at 6-foot-6 it is not hard to mistake him for your average college freshman.  That is not just a reflection of his size, but his game as well, which appears to be advanced well beyond what you would expect from someone his age.

Not only does Wiggins have the ability to finish plays off above the rim with monstrous dunks, but has also showed scouts a strong ability to post up defenders, as well as hit jump hooks with both hands.  His play during the 2009 ScoutsFocus Elite80 has led many to anoint him as the best 8th grader in the nation, and some even believe he has the ability to become the best basketball player to come out of Canada.

Those are high praises when considering the fact that fellow Canadian Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns has won himself two NBA MVP awards.  However, Wiggins does have the inheritance of some strong family genes on his side, being the son of former NBA player Mitchell Wiggins and former Canadian Olympic track star Marita Payne.

It is still too early to begin talking about which university Wiggins will end up at, but you can be sure that the bidding has already begun among some of the NCAA’s top schools.  In the mean time, he will continue to work on his game.  And who knows.  Maybe he will be the next kid to dunk on LeBron at his camp.

Until then, here is a clip of Andrew dunking on some much smaller individuals.

Hat Tip – [The Dagger]

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