Sonny Forriest Jr. Is The Phillies Good Luck Charm

Sonny Forriest Jr. Is The Phillies Good Luck CharmTotal Pro Sports – There are plenty of different ways to show some love for your favorite sports team.  Some prefer a classic tatto of their hometown team’s logo, while others have gone with a complete makeover of their vehicle, paintjob and all.  Then there is Sonny Forriest Jr., who can be seen in the parking lot outside Citizens Bank Park prior to Phillies’ games, singing for tailgaters in his mobile scooter.

Footage was taken of Sonny last season during the playoffs as he was scooting around before game 1 of the NLCS against the Dodgers.  The Phillies went on to win that game, the series, and eventually the league championship.

So the questions I am left to ask is whether Sonny can still be found doing his thing prior to games.  The Los Angeles Angels seemed to believe that the rally monkey was thier good luck charm during their World Series run.  Perhaps Sonny has provided the Phils with similar good fortune.

If that is the case, it seems to be working once again this post season.  Hopefully the Philadelphia fans continue to provide Sonny with some generous tips.  It is the least they can do if he continues to provide the city with World Series championships.

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