Crazy Philly Fans Do Crazy Things After NLCS Win

Crazy Philly Fans Do Crazy Things After NLCS WinTotal Pro Sports- A wild and inappropriate story about Philadelphia fans is not out of the ordinary.  A story about Philly fans that makes you laugh without cringing is rare however.  Last night amid the partying and celebrating, Philly fans let their joy spill out unfiltered.  I mean literally unfiltered.  Somehow this post has nothing to do with batteries being thrown at players or Philly fans booing Santa Claus, in fact no one gets hurt!

After the Phillies closed out the NLCS against the Dodgers last night on Jayson Werth‘s unreal performance, fans took to the streets to celebrate.  A local news station was trying to interview the drunken frenzied mob, but unfortunately for them, live TV is difficult to censor.  After the lady on the left swears in excitement about how great the Phillies winning is, the guy on the right jumps onto a cab and literally rolls off.  These fans aren’t as diehard as some Miami Hurricanes fans perhaps, but they are still pretty crazy.

The Phillies have now advanced to the World Series for the second straight season and the revelry in Philly is evident everywhere.  Although only a few arrests were made last night and some alcohol was confiscated, the real partying will begin if the Phillies win the Series.

Phillies Fans Out of Control – [MyFOXNY]

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