KSU Player Chooses Adult Film Over College Athletics

KSU Player Chooses Adult Film Over College AthleticsTotal Pro Sports – Chase Mejia was a very good high school wide receiver who ended up going to Northern Illinois to play football. Things didn’t work out so well there, so he transferred to Missouri State (I’ve never heard of it either). He didn’t like it there either so he ended up transferring to Kansas State.

This is where the story gets good. By NCAA rules, transfers must sit out a year. So what do these jocks do while waiting to play? Most probably get drunk, party a little and maybe attend a class or two. Chase went a different route.

Mejia decided instead to star in a pornographic video about college coeds playing truth or dare. Before you condemn him for this, however, think about the situation college athletes are in. They are not truly your average students. They bring in millions of dollars in football money to the Universities and get very room and board in return (except Shaq and Reggie Bush, everyone knows they got paid). Some would call it slave labor, and so the players understandably are out looking for more money.

That’s big picture though. In this instance, maybe pornography wasn’t the best choice, since it led to his being cut from the team. And its not like hes swimming around in mud like some other college idiots. It’s hard to fault him for living it up with alcohol and women and getting paid for it though. He’s not exactly Tim Tebow getting chased by women everywhere he looks.

The website is called daredorm.com, and I think he made the right choice.

Chase Mejia

Chase Mejia

Chase Mejia

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