LeBron James Wants To Posterize George W. Bush (Video)

LeBron James Wants To Posterize George W. BushTotal Pro Sports- LeBron James was recently interviewed by Maxim, and among other questions he was asked who he would most like to dunk on. Assuming most of us could dunk, we would probably have said the same thing:

George W. Bush.

Not only would James like to dunk on the former President of the United States, he wants to embarrass Bush:

If it doesn’t have to be a basketball player, George W. Bush. I would dunk on his ass, break the rim, and shatter the glass.

LeBron first dunked in middle school but it appears his politics have determined exactly who he would like to dunk on. And don’t think its a compliment to the person he wants to dunk on, since he clearly thinks dunking on people is a punishment, as evidenced by his comment that he wished he could have dunked on his middle school teacher that gave him a C+. He also didn’t seem to like when he got dunked on by that college kid.

No matter your politics, LeBron is a lovable guy (unless you’re a Pistons fan) and I’m sure there are very few people out there who wouldn’t want to see him dunk on Bush, maybe even wearing a cape while doing it. The question is: Is GW up for the challenge?

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