Marat Safin Has Some Weird Obsessive Fans

Marat Safin Has Some Weird Obsessive FansTotal Pro Sports – Beyond his great on-court talent, Marat Safin is something of a sex symbol to many of his fans. Some fans might take it a bit too far, however. Former top-ranked Safin has not been playing his best tennis lately, although he did beat Davydenko yesterday in an early round Kremlin Cup match.

On the day of this incident, however, Safin would end up taking a tough loss in straight sets. His fans did not seem to care too much about that, however, as one person appeared to use a picture of Safin to cover his face. Its unclear whether this was done on purpose or not, but the shot does line up just perfectly so that it almost looks like Safin is actually sitting there. Except for the bright yellow sweater of course.

The question is, no matter how big a fan you are, would you try to make it look like you were your idol using a tacky method like this? Probably not, but it was also probably all in good fun. Real diehard fans do crazy things like these college football fans or these wild fans that tattoo their teams on themselves.

Either way that picture cracks me up. If you were going to cover your face with a magazine picture of one athlete, who would it be? (and we already know Lions fans, you would put a paper bag over your head, so that doesn’t count)

Marat Safin Has Some Weird Obsessive Fans

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