Yellow Jacket Fans Give University President A Little Gift

yellow-jacket-fans-give-university-president-a-little-giftTotal Pro Sports – “Bud” Peterson, Georgia Tech president, was met with a little surprise on Saturday night. After the Yellow Jackets ruined Virginia Tech’s season with a huge win even superfans couldn’t help win, students gave the university president a lovely gift.

The video above shows why the president has good reason to call for a review of safety procedures. You can skip ahead to about the 2:20 mark to see the students tearing down the goalposts, sawing them into pieces, and then marching down the street to deposit the pieces on the president’s front lawn.

It looks like it was fun for everyone, and as my friend from Canada put it “I wish I had gone to college in the states”. Unfortunately for Georgia Tech it hasn’t had the opportunity to tear down the posts, especially after their brutal loss to Miami, and perhaps the unreadiness of the university security is what led to some of the injuries that were suffered in the mob scene.

If you fast forward to the end, you can hear the president giving a speech on the front lawn imploring the crowd to be safe. Everyone knows the kind of money that football programs bring in, and I’m sure the president is cognizant of that fact. A few torn down goalposts and broken arms are a small price to pay, economically of course.

Jackets fans hurt in goalpost teardown – [AJC] and Hat Tip Video – [TheBigLead]

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