Capitals Score 178-Foot Goal On Thrashers Ondrej Pavelec

Capitals Score 178-Foot Goal On Thrashers Ondrej PavelecTotal Pro Sports – The way I see it, there are only two types of mistakes in the world. There are mistakes that are forgive and forgettable – such as a parking ticket. Then there are mistakes that will wind up haunting your lifeless soul for the rest of your dark and lonely existence – such as my ex-wife.

Yesterday, the Atlanta Thrashers’ goalie, Ondrej Pavelec, experienced the latter of these mistakes when Washington’s Jeff Shultz somehow scored a 178-foot goal off of an unexpected bounce of the puck. In fact, Ondrej still isn’t exactly sure what happened. “”It was a pass, I think … It was a just bad bounce. It hit the ice and went over my shoulder. Sometimes it happens. It just happened at a bad time,” Ondrej told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

It’s no secret that everyone makes mistakes. But when your ability to stop a puck defines your role on this earth – Expect to be scrutinized when you fail to stop a puck that my great-grandmother could have stopped, and she’s deceased. Now that’s saying something. Is there anything that could possibly trump this extraordinary display of epic failure? Believe it or not, Toronto Maple Leafs goalkeeper Vesa Toskala allowed a 200 footer to slip past him near the end of the ’07-’08 season. They just don’t make goalkeepers like they used to, I guess.

But don’t worry guys, you’re not alone.

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