Marisa Miller Picks Derrick Rose as ‘Chicago’s Sexiest Athlete’

Marisa Miller Picks Derrick Rose as 'Chicago's Sexiest Athlete' Total Pro Sports – Victoria’s Secret models are some of the sexiest women on the planet. It goes without saying. But one VS model in particular, Marisa Miller, is a cut above. Not only does she hold the power to make 99% of the male population speechless with mere eye contact, but she does so with personality and grace. Oh, and apparently she has a thing for professional athletes. Imagine that.

With that said, no one was complaining when she showed up to the Chicago Bulls practice facility to nominate one lucky player for the “What’s Sexy Now: Chicago Athlete” award. Who did she pick? None other than Derrick Rose – The injury prone Point Guard whose ankle has been plagued by a bad ankle and whole lot of speculation because of it.

Marisa presented Derrick with a Bulls jersey with the name “Sexy” embroidered on the back. Meanwhile, she had a jersey of her own with “Miller” printed on the back. Yes, you read that correctly. Derrick Rose posed with a “Sexy” jersey, while one of the most gorgeous women to ever walk the earth stood next to him.

A little bit ironic, don’t ya think?

Hat Tip Video – [BallDon’tLie]

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