L.A. Galaxy Fans Duke It Out (Video)

L.A. Galaxy Fans Duke It Out Total Pro Sports – It seems like L.A. Galaxy fans are not taking the news of David Beckham‘s departure for AC Milan all that well.

But instead of going after the English midfielder, as they have in the past, they have decided to take their anger out on each other.  It was not quite like the colossal brawls we have witnessed in the stands at European soccer matches, but an MLS fan fight sure can provide some quality entertainment.

The footage taken on Saturday during a game between L.A. and the San Jose Earthquakes begins with several Galaxy fans jawing at one man who just appears to be standing there and taking it all in.  Seemingly smelling blood, one fan gets brave and lashes out before throwing an unexpected right hook which sends the guy’s glasses flying several rows down.

As the puncher walks away, one security guard goes after him, but is eventually trampled on by the recipient who is looking for some revenge.  And in true soccer fashion, the Galaxy fan who delivered the cheap shot ran like a little sissy.  He wanted to throw some fists, but had no intention of engaging in a real fight.  Yes, this is one guy that undoubtedly knows the sport of soccer all too well.

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