WTF??? Bears On Skates Playing Hockey (Video)

bears-playing-hockeyTotal Pro Sports – Some people tend to refer to hockey players as animals on ice, with all the violence that is displayed through their vicious body checks and “inhumane” fighting.

Well I’d hat to break it to you all, but hockey players are still humans.  If it is animals on ice you are looking for, we have this footage for you.

In what appears to be quite the remarkable scene, as somewhere someone got a bunch of bears on skates, gave them some hockey sticks, dropped a puck, and they seemed to know exactly what to do with it.  From the skating, to the passing and shooting, these bears had it all.  And when the time came, they even showed their true hockey instincts and mixed it up with some fisticuffs.

Okay, so maybe hockey players can be a little like animals at times.

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