Bucs’ Marcus Johnson Asleep At The Wheel In Middle Of Intersection

marcus-johnson-duiTotal Pro Sports – Bucs’ guard Marcus Johnson could not be happier to arrive back home in Tampa Bay after his team was handed a beating by the New England Patriots on the other side of the Atlantic in London, England.

So how did he celebrate his return?  By going out, getting plastered, driving drunk, and eventually falling asleep behind the wheel as his car, which was stopped in the middle of an intersection.  If he was looking for a way to get himself kicked off the winless Bucs, he found it.

Taking a page from the book of former Lions first round pick Charles Rogers, Johnson was discovered passed out behind the wheel by Tampa Bay police.  His car was in the middle of an intersection, and when he was awaken by officers they detected “a distinct odor of an alcoholic beverage from the defendant’s mouth, bloodshot/glassy eyes, and a noticeable sway upon standing unsupported.”

A field sobriety test was administered, and officers were lead to believe that Johnson was in fact impaired, but apparently he was not too drunk to know that he should refuse to take a breathalyzer test.

He was eventually arrested for DUI and has since been let go by his team.  So what is worse?  Spending a night in jail, or playing for the 0-7 Buccaneers?  I would have to say the latter.

Hat Tip – [Pro Football Talk]

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