Bugatti Veyron Illegal Parking FAIL

Bugatti Veyron Parking FAILTotal Pro Sports – Unlike in North America, where exotic cars like Ferrari F40s, F50s, and Enzos are immune to all parking laws, European law enforcement officers do not look favorably upon illegally parked sports cars.  And the Bugatti Veyron is no exception.

So what happens when the driver of such a vehicle leaves his car in a non-designated parking space as he goes shopping for an Armani suit to wear to the gym?  He gets the boot.  Or, at least his car does.

You can not possibly feel bad for this guy.  In fact, you should probably envy him.  Is his car too good for the real parking spot?  Okay, so maybe it is.  But at least he will not have any problems paying the fine.

Bugatti Veyron Parking FAIL

Hat Tip Pic – [Jalopnik]