Did Kobe Bryant Leave Phil Jackson Hanging?

Did Kobe Bryant Leave Phil Jackson HangingTotal Pro Sports – The Zen Master apparently is also the Cover-Up master.

At least that is what it looked like prior to Friday night’s exhibition game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Denver Nuggets.  After all, have you ever seen someone scratch their face with a fist?  Nice try Phil, but we caught you!

With the Lakers head coach sitting in his usual court side seat, and Kobe Bryant performing his pre-tipoff fist-bump routine Phil Jackson wanted to get in on the fun, but Kobe was having none of it.  Instead, the Lakers superstar guard left his coach hanging, forcing him to do some quick improve work.  Unfortunately for Phil, the TNT cameras were on him at the time.

We should mention that there is no tension between Kobe and his coach.  Instead, Jackson was simply not within visible range of Bryant.

Props to Phil on the nifty cover-up.  Wisconsin quarterback Scott Tolzien has much to learn from the Zen Master.

Hat Tip – [FanHouse]

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