German Keeper Jens Lehmann Owned By Ball Boy

Jens Lehmann Owned By Ball BoyTotal Pro Sports – At times, the ball boy can be a soccer player’s best friend.  For Jens Lehmann, he was anything but that.

With time ticking off the clock, and his team down 1-0, the Stuttgart goalie went to retrieve a ball after it had gone out of bounds, but the ball boy was not about to do him any favors.  Instead, the young man, much to the delight of the Hannover fans, played a little game of go-fetch with the German keeper.

With Lehmann directly in front of the ball boy asking for a ball, one was delivered over his head, leaving Jens standing there, shoulders shrugged in disbelief.  Being a goalie, he seemed to let that one slip out of his reach a little too easily.  Maybe the ball boy was just testing the veteran’s ability to stop a ball as he approaches the age of 40.  Needless to say, Lehmann failed this one.

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