Why Is Tony Hawk, Tony Hawk?

tony-hawk-twitTotal Pro Sports – Why is Tony Hawk in fact Tony Hawk?  Sounds like quite the stupid question, doesn’t it?  Well apparently it wasn’t too stupid for one female who asked the professional skateboarding legend just that.

Thankfully, Tony shared this with us all through his Twitter account, so it is only right if we return the favor and offer him some suggestions as to how he may answer such a question in the future.

Here are some suggestions we came up with:

1.  “Because I completed the first 900 on a skateboard, and you didn’t.”

2.  “Because chicks dig Tony Hawk.”

3.  “Because that is what the name on all those endorsement checks say.”

4.  “Because my parents were going to name me “Black Hawk” before deciding to just keep it simple and stick with “Tony”.

5.  “Why not?”

Have you got a suggestion for him?  Let us know!

Hopefully Tony reads this so that he can be better prepared to answer such a question in the future.

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