Barnsley Fans Score Teams Only Goal (Video)

Barnsley Fans Score Teams Only GoalTuesday afternoon Barnsley FC took on English powerhouse Manchester United in a Carling Cup match, and just when it seemed as though they would never put a goal by Man U keeper Ben Foster, the unexpected happened.

Just passed the 90 minute mark, Foster lined the ball up for a goal kick but was surprised to see two Barnsley fans invade the pitch, steal the ball, and put it in the back of the net.  It was the goal they had all been looking for, but unfortunately it was not one that would count.

It took these two men to do what the Barnsley FC players could not accomplish for the entire game as they would go on to lose by a score of 2-0.  Although many fans in attendance cheered the goal, the Barnsley website was not all that amused with the incident:

“A pair of Barnsley supporters let themselves and the club down in stoppage time by invading the pitch before being escorted away by stewards and police.  It was a moronic end to what had been a fantastic night inside Oakwell and hopefully the idiotic duo will never be let near a football stadium for a long while.” [Barnsley FC]

Although the team may not have enjoyed this show, we sure as hell did and will continue to support all soccer fans who wish to fulfill their dreams of netting a goal against a professional keeper.

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