High School QB Completes Behind-The-Back Pass For 2-Point Conversion

amazing-behind-the-back-passTotal Pro Sports – We have seen Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow complete the jump shot pass.  Now Will Briscoe of Louisiana’s Central High School has done him one better.

With his team putting on a dominant display against Zachary High, the conventional forward pass was becoming too easy for Briscoe, so he decided to change things up a bit during  a two-point conversion and try a behind-the-back pass.  It just so happens that it worked out perfectly.

It is difficult to say whether Central is that good, or Zachary is just that bad, but I would have to side with both theories.  The 2-point conversion took place when the score was 13-0 in the first quarter.  So what was Central doing going for two anyways?  With the final score being 58-0, I am quite positive that 57-0 would have been equally satisfying.  If you think you are that good, why not try the behind-the-back pass during a regular down?

Now we are left to ask where football’s version of a behind-the-back play ranks among all sports?  I personally would have to place it at the top, along with hockey’s behind-the-back shot.

What do you think?

Hat Tip – [The Life]

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