Idaho Junior Hockey Team In Trouble For “Strip Hockey” Incident

Idaho Junior Hockey Team In TroubleTotal Pro Sports- Strip hockey is exactly what it sounds like.  If someone misses a shot in this shootout drill, they must take off an article of clothing.  The Idaho Junior Steelheads decided to give it a go.  This little game is not a new one, however.  In fact just a week earlier, the Tampa Bay Lightning of the NHL did the same thing, in what they dubbed “Strip Shootout”.

The team was kicked out of the city ice rink after some girls on an adjacent rink saw the players skating around completely naked.  They will not be allowed to use that rink for 4 days as punishment, and one 17-year-old player is going to be suspended for a game after taking off his underwear.

I think the punishment is a bit harsh and the uproar in Boise is an overreaction.  It’s just boys being boys.  That being said, obviously you can’t have naked men skating around in public forums.  Besides, when you log on to your favorite sports sites and see a headline about nudity, generally you aren’t looking for nude hockey players.  You’re probably hoping for something a little more curvy, like say this pretty little topless Bruins fan.

Police are investigating whether any indecency laws were violated.  The Junior Steelheads will be allowed back on the rink Wednesday.

Junior Team Booted from Idaho Rink for Naked Hockey – [ESPN]

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