Unhappy Maple Leafs Fan Sells Loyalty to Highest Bidder

Unhappy Maple Leafs Fan Sells Loyalty to Highest BidderTotal Pro Sports- Everyone has had the feeling.  Your team hasn’t won in years, and this year looks to be no different.  Mismanagement from the front office, poor coaching, and lack of effort by the players drive you to thoughts of just giving up as a fan.  Well one Maple Leafs fan on that cliff finally took a leap over the edge.

Lee Kirby has been a Maple Leafs fan his whole life, but his feelings of anger and frustration finally boiled over.  So what did he do?  Placed his loyalty on Ebay to be sold to the highest bidder.  Here is a description for “Very Used Maple Leafs Fan” from the Ebay posting:

“I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!  I have never seen the Stanley Cup come to Toronto (unless it is in the Hall of Fame) and the future looks just as bleak!!  I can take losing (and actually cheer for it) if I think that it may benefit the team in the future.  WELL with no first or second round pick in 2010 and no 2011 first round pick (yes you are welcome Boston) and VERY little on the way of prospects in system…it is time for me to bail.

So I am putting my allegiance up for the highest bidder…just like the over paid underproducing Leaf free agents.  I will remove all Leaf Memorablia from my home and replace it with the team of choice of the winning bidder.

I will root for my “new team” whenever they are on TV.  I will argue with the guys at work that my new team is the best, no matter how bad/good they are (this one is easy, remember I was a Leaf fan).  The best part for me is now I can laugh at the Maple Laughs.  Any money raised will be given to the Southlake Regional Cancer Center in Newmarket.  PLEASE SOMEONE PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY LOL!!!  No returns!!  I will not go back to the Leafs!!”

13 bids and $25 later, Lee Kirby will forevermore be a Dallas Stars fan.  Maybe he could have tried to run on the ice, like some soccer fan who ran on the field the other day, and personally help his team.  But he chose another route.  After 39 years of life and no Stanley Cups (42 year drought to be exact), Kirby is doing what most fans don’t have the strength to do: abandon his his favorite team.  Off to their worst start ever, the Leafs have no real prospects of success for the future.  They won’t be celebrating like that Phillies fan anytime soon.  Kirby has done the unthinkable, but how can you blame him?

Unhappy Maple Leafs Fan Sells Loyalty to Highest Bidder

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