Texas Tech “Fat Little Girlfriends” Blamed For Loss

Texas Tech Fat Little Girlfriends Blamed For LossTotal Pro Sports- When you lose 52-30, you are generally looking for people to blame.  Mike Leach and Texas Tech was in that position following their horrific loss to rival Texas A&M this past weekend.  According to Leach, however, the gameplan wasn’t the problem, and neither was the execution of it necessarily.

In his post-game press conference, he decided to blame it on someone else entirely.  He decided to blame it on the players “fat little girlfriends”.  Now I’m assuming that most of the players have rather attractive girlfriends, since Tech is a Big 12 football school and those guys are probably studs on the campus.  I’m not sure why Leach felt the need to personally insult his players AND their girlfriends on television for everyone to hear, but I would be frustrated too after a loss like that.

Maybe if their girlfriends were a bit more trim they would have been better able to focus on the game and not listen to the nonsense those little fatties were filling their heads with.  I mean Kate Hudson seems to be doing just fine inspiring A-Rod.  In all seriousness though, if you strip away the immaturity and frustration from Leach’s message, there is some truth to what he is saying.  Not about the girlfriends being little and fat, but that these players have tons of people filling up their heads with garbage about how great they are and what they should be doing.  I can understand his frustration trying to wade through all the nonsense those kids hear everyday from everyone and make them listen to their coach.

I bet Leach wishes he could have Michael Crabtree back about now.  And picking him up for fantasy football probably is not much consolation.  Still, fat little girlfriends.  I mean that is pretty funny.

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