Yankees Fan Expresses Loyalty Through Crazy Motorized Wheelchair

Yankees Fan Expresses Loyalty Through Crazy Motorized WheelchairTotal Pro Sports- The complete and full expression of fanhood is to wear your team’s colors on your sleeve, literally.  That means that everywhere you go, no matter what, people will know who you support.  Then there’s going a step further, or a few steps further in this case.

An elderly man who is tragically confined to a motorized wheelchair has decided to deck out the device with all things Yankees.  From the crazy helmet covering over his head to the newspaper clippings and pictures inside the “vehicle”, this man will take any opportunity to express his love for the Yanks.  It looks like they might need it too after the 6-1 shellacking they took at the hands of the Phils and Cliff Lee last night.

But hey, why stop at decorating your wheelchair?  Why not also equip it with all the tools you would need on the long shot chance you get a call from the big club to come help out?  I mean its not like you will get to dry hump a reporter like those young whippersnapper Phillies fans.  Notice the bat just in case Girardi needs a pinch-hitter.  And the best part?  A tiny umpire brush for clearing the dirt off of home plate.  Because, well, you never know when the umpires might need an elderly Yankees fan to give them a breather in the World Series, right?

Yankees Fan Expresses Loyalty Through Crazy Motorized Wheelchair

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