Baseball Prospect Aroldis Chapman is Loving America

Aroldis Chapman Seems To Be Really Liking America So FarAroldis Chapman is the next big prospect in baseball.  He is a Cuban phenom that has been courted by some of the biggest baseball markets in America.  He is as highly touted as Wieters was for the Orioles, if not more so.  The agency representing him is called Athletes Premier International and is looking to get him inked to a $40 million dollar deal.  Word is his fastball clocks in at over 102 mph.

So Aroldis decided to come to Boston to pay a visit to one of his many suitors and decided to have a night out on the town.  Based on the pictures, it sure looks like he did.  But the thing that was so odd about those pictures is that they weren’t sent in to a sports blog by an anonymous tipster.  They were posted on Athlete Premiere International’s Facebook page!  For the 21-year-old Aroldis, this seems like an strange image for his agents to want to convey.

I mean, its definitely not warm enough in Boston to be wearing the outfit that woman is wearing, right?  That is most certainly a strip club.  We all know that athletes (and some other people, but don’t tell my girlfriend) go to strip clubs from time to time.  Pacman Jones notoriously did it.  Those people aren’t usually looking to get publicity for it though, and I’m sure it is not the best plan when trying to market a 21-year-old kid.

Aroldis Chapman Seems To Be Really Liking America So Far

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