Hilarious Callaway Golf Commercial Puts a Good Drive Above Sex

Hilarious Callaway Golf Commercial Puts a Good Drive Above SexYou know that feeling you get when you step up to the tee, pull out the big dog and just let her rip?  I mean the feeling when you actually hit the ball well, not the feeling 99% of the time when you screw up the shot somehow.  God I love that feeling.  We all do.  Callaway does also, and they have made a hilarious commercial demonstrating how great a feeling it is.

A man and woman are both laying in bed after having great sex, and the woman asks him if he’s ever felt that good.  Expecting a “no”, the man surprisingly goes in a different direction.  He instead says that he has, and goes into a story about stepping up to the 9th hole and hitting a ball 300 yards with his Great Big Bertha.  He then proceeds to explain that THAT moment was much better.  The best part is after the whole story he looks at the woman and says “Wanna go again?”

Not only is it funny, but there is some truth to it.  Not that good sex isn’t a great thing, but most men will have good sex many more times in there life than they will actually tattoo a golf ball off the tee 300 yards.  At least I will, and that’s more a reflection of my golf game than my sex life.  You could always try to combine the two, but how many Natalie Gulbis‘s are there?  In fact, that kid that beat Tiger Woods drive has had that feeling more than me.

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