Meet Siena Saints Guard Just-In’Love Smith

Just-in love SmithWith the college basketball season approaching, there are a lot of things to get excited about.  Mostly though, it means a flurry of new crazy names.  The clear favorite for the best name so far has got to be Just-In’Love Smith of the Siena Saints.  Besides the odd placement of the hyphen and apostrophe, this may be the pimpest name of all time.  Whatever this kids parents were thinking, they deserve a medal or something.

Based on his name, I’m guessing this kid has no problems with the ladies.  How does a girl say no to “Hey, my name is Just-In’Love and I’m on the basketball team”?  And you know he doesn’t have any “fat little girlfriends” like those Texas Tech football players.  On top of that, without having even read a scouting report on him or seen him play, I’m confident that he’s got mad skills on the court.  Maybe not exclamation point Carmelo dunk skills, but I bet he’s got great handles and a silky smooth jumper.

How could it be any other way?

Just-in love Smith

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