Shaq To Join The Cleveland Police Force

Shaq Will Be Allowed To Carry A GunShaquille O’Neal, also known as “The Big Shaqckle“, loves the limelight.  He also loves dunking the ball, alienating teammates to the point of forcing a trade, challenging Michael Phelps in a swimming race, and Twitter.  But there is one thing Shaq also seems to like as much as those other things: Being a cop.

It is being reported that Shaquille O’Neal has applied to become a special deputy for the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s office in Ohio.  If his application is accepted, he would need to complete 36 hours of training and take the Ohio Police Exam.  If and when he does take the training and the exam and passes, he will be allowed to make arrests and carry a gun.

This is not the first time Shaq has been involved with the police, however.  He has always seemed to love the idea of being a cop and having authority to arrest people and enforce the law.  In Virginia, Miami, and then Phoenix, Shaq also played a role in the law enforcement of those places.

Should we be worried about Shaq roaming around Cleveland with a gun looking to cuff people?  Maybe.  For as entertaining as Shaq has been, he never came across as any kind of genius and the last thing we need is another idiot running around with a gun.  Especially with cops doing stupid things like playing video games during a raid.  He seems pretty harmless though, and maybe it will give us even more hilarious Shaq tales to read about in the future.

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