How To Tackle (Your Own Teammate) 101

How To Tackle (Your Own Teammate) 101The only thing that was missing here was the end of game dramatics that equally odd plays at Oil City, Mount Mansfield and John Glenn had previously provided during this year’s high school football season.

This time we take you to a semi-pro league in Las Vegas.  So what is the best way to make sure your semi-pro football career does not turn into a professional career?  I’m pretty sure tackling your own teammate is somewhere on that list.

After #32 James Harris went back to field a punt, he was able to shake a couple tackles from opposing defenders, but there was one tackler that was left unblocked, likely because he was supposed to be one of the players providing a block.  Instead, Harris’ teammate Mauriece McIver made a crucial tackle that prevented the Las Vegas Cobra’s return man from breaking a big one.  We usually applaud great open field tackles like this, but not when they are on your own teammate.

McIver got up in disgust, but if he is looking for an excuse he can always bring up the fact that his jersey did appear to be different from those worn by the rest of his team (notice his numbers are all white, rather than just a white outline).  I guess the only thing that says bush league more than a teammate-on-teammate tackle is the inability to provide your entire squad with matching jerseys.

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