Massive Brawl Erupts During Bulgarian Soccer’s Plovdiv Derby

Massive Brawl Erupts During Bulgarian Soccer’s Plovdiv DerbyIt seems like ever time two local rivals battle it out on the soccer pitch, you never know what to expect.  At times, the result may be a pleasant one as several fans celebrate the sight of remarkable goals and lovely ladies flashing their breasts to the crowd.  Other times, as you would expect, the result is utter mayhem.

That was the case in Bulgaria, when the Plovdiv derby between Botev Plovdiv and Lokomotiv turned ugly after the final whistle blew.

With their 1-0 victory sealed, the Botev Plovdiv players saluted their home town fans, thanking them for the support, but there were a few members of the club that were looking to share some rather unpleasant greetings with the opposing team.  One official from Botev made his way over to confront a Lokomotiv player, causing a crowd to develop and several kicks and punches to be thrown both ways.  The two teams were eventually separated and made their way off the pitch as fans continued to throw object in their direction.  It seemed as though order had been restored, but that was not the case.

With most of the players in the dressing room, Lokomotiv midfielder Dani Kiki grabbed a team flag from one of the visiting supporters, and brought it to the center circle where he attempted to stick it in the ground.  That move angered some of the Botev members who were still on the pitch, causing another round of fighting to take place.  Order was eventually restored on the field for good, but the fans were only getting started.

Riot police were called to the stadium in an attempt to bring the rowdy supporters under control as they set fires and attempted to invade the pitch.  Ten individuals were detained by police for hooliganism.  As for the players, Lokomotiv management expressed their distaste in the team’s actions and stated that penalties would be handed down to those involved in the incident.

Should we simply consider this to be just another weekend of Eastern European soccer?  Here is a look at exactly what happened.

Hat Tip – [Soccernet] via loyal reader Nick