Welcome To Toronto, a.k.a. Loserville

Welcome To Loserville TorontoCan there be a North American sports city that has suffered more disappointment than Toronto over the past decade or so?  I doubt it.

Living in Canada’s most populated city, we have come to witness the downfall that is Toronto’s professional sports teams.  It is where stars have come to lay their careers to rest, where winners have come to experience the bitter taste of defeat, and where every athlete who enters seemingly can’t wait to leave.  It seems like there is only one way to describe such a city, and this poster says it all. “Welcome To Loserville.”

The MLB’s Blue Jays have failed to make the playoffs since winning the World Series back in 1993.  The NBA’s Raptors have made the playoffs only two of the past seven seasons and have won only one playoff series since joining the league in 1995.  The MLS’s Toronto FC has not made the post-season in their three years of existence.  And the CFL’s Argos have been terrible, failing to make the playoffs the past two seasons, winning only one championship over the past 12 years (not that impressive when you consider the league has just 8 teams).

As for the city’s pride and joy, or as many prefer to call them, “God’s Team”, the Toronto Maple Leafs have been anything but sacred.  In fact, they could use the help of God, and perhaps some other biblical figures as well, to fill the many holes in their lineup.  Leaf fans have failed to see a playoff game since 2004, and have not celebrated a Stanley Cup victory since 1967.  That means many fans today have not experienced this franchise win a single championship, and the last time they did there was only six teams in the league.

Yes, when you are looking at the ineptitude that is Toronto’s sports teams, you need not look any further than the Toronto Maple Leafs, but don’t be fooled.  The Raptors, Jays, FC and Argos have not been much better.  Perhaps the Argos and Jays have provided us with championships that could be seen on colored televisions, but what have they done for us lately?

Besides creating a new legacy for the city we may now refer to as “Loserville”, the answer is an obvious one.  Not much at all!

Welcome To Loserville Toronto

Loserville Canada

Welcome to Loserville -[TorontoSun]

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