Gus Johnson: “He’s Got Getting Away From Cop Speed”

Gus Johnson's Call On Chris JohnsonHe was there in week one when Brandon Stokley made an unbelievable play in the dying moments to help his Denver Broncos pull off the unthinkable against the Cincinnati Bengals.  He was there in week two when Chris Johnson ran wild on the Houston Texans’ defense.  There seems to be something abut Gus Johnson that attracts the big play.

Week eight was no different as Gus was calling the running back battle between Chris Johnson and Maurice Jones-Drew, but unfortunately his trademark exuberance may have got him into a bit of trouble on Sunday.

With the Jags up by a score of 14-13, the Titans running back took a pitch from Vince Young and went 52 yards to the house.  That, as you would expect, was enough to send Gus into a frenzy, but it was what he said that may have him in some hot water.

As Chris Johnson made his way towards the end zone, Gus stated “Watch out! He’s got gettin’ away from the cop speed.”  While that may be true, there is something about those comments that just don’t go over well when they are used to describe a black man running.

While I personally don’t find Johnson’s comments to be all that bad (after all, Johnson did show that kind of speed), you can be sure the people at CBS will be reviewing the incident as racism is one issue that should not be ignored.  Hopefully there will be no action taken against Gus.  After all, it isn’t the worst thing we have seen during a CBS NFL broadcast.

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