If John Daly And Donald Trump Mated

john daly mated with Donald trumpMost of you have likely heard of the game “If They Mated.”  Made popular by late night television show host Conan O’Brien, it attempts to provide the public with an idea of how the child of two popular celebrity figures may look if they mated.

Well if you were wondering what the child of golfer John Daly and billionaire Donald Trump may look like, we have the answer, and there was no crazy image software needed for this one.  Just a trip to the local Walmart.

Looking as though Daly had put on a blond toupee and headed out to purchase some slacks, this individual is exactly what you would imagine a Daly-Trump hybrid creature to look like.  Even the funky glasses seem to fit, as you would expect something from his wardrobe to have that tacky flare which has become a trademark of Daly.

Maybe this is how Daly gets around to buying all that crap he will eventually sell at next year’s Masters.  After all, with Walmart’s incredibly low prices, there is a lot of profit to be made through resale.

john daly mated with Donald trump

Hat Tip Image – [People of Walmart]

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