Last Night’s Phillies Victory Means We May Get To See More Fights

Yankees Phillies Fan FightLast night’s 8-6 win by the Phillies means the World Series will now shift back to New York for game six on Wednesday, and quite possibly game seven on Thursday.  It also means hostilities between the fans of both clubs will continue to escalate.

That can only mean one thing.  More fighting!

It is not hard to see why both Phillies and Yankees fans would be so frustrated at this time of year.  With the Yankees’ batters seemingly unable to hit anything thrown by Cliff Lee, Phillies batters having the same troubles with C.C. Sabathia, Alex Rodriguez giving the Philadelphia bullpen headaches, Chase Utley haunting the Yankees’ pitching staff, and Ryan Howard struggling to connect on anything but air, tensions are understandably at an all-time high and no one is showing that more than the beloved supporters of both sides.

And as we have learned throughout this season from the many ball park skirmishes previously witnessed, whether you are in Philadelphia or New York you are never far away from a potential brawl.  So when the stakes are this high, you can expect tempers to flare, and the fists to fly.  Welcome back to New York baseball fans.  May the rumbling continue!

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