Reebok Really Cares About How Your Ass Looks (Video)

Reebok Really Cares About How Your Ass LooksIf a company told you that their shoes will help make your ass look great, would you buy them?  Reebok is hoping the answer to that question is an emphatic “YES.”

While they will not go so far as to say you will become the next Andressa Soares, their new Easy Tone shoes are made with balance ball inspired technology which is proven to help give women a mighty fine ass and more shapely legs.

Interesting thing about this commercial, which continuously pans in for close-ups of the female actor’s rear, is that the shoes are for females, yet the target audience appears to be males judging by the content.  So are men now expected to go out and purchase these shoes for our significant others?  Well if it helps them look anything like this hottie, you got me sold.