Spank Him Yanks – Daddy To Whup Pedro Tonight

Spank Him Yanks - Daddy To Whup Pedro TonightWhen Pedro Martinez takes the mound tonight for the Philadelphia Phillies during game six of the World Series in front of a hostile New York crowd, you can expect to hear them reminding the former Red Sox pitcher who his daddy is.

But just in case he forgot, the New York Post was kind enough to remind him what those in the Big Apple think of the man who has become Public Enemy #1.

The cover of today’s issue read “Spank Him, Yanks: Daddy To Whup Pedro Tonight”, and appropriately displayed a picture of a baby with Martinez’s face on it.  Not the cutest of children, but the combination of Pedro and a baby is much more pleasant to the eyes that the John Daly-Donald Trump hybrid spotted walking around Walmart.

So will the Yankees be doing the spanking tonight?  That question remains to be answered, but if it ends up being Pedro who get the last laugh, expect the New York fans to be the only ones crying like babies.

Yankess Will Look To Abuse Baby Pedro Tonight

Hat Tip – [New York Post]

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