2009 World Series Championship Hats Make Strange Statement

2009 World Series Championship Hats Make Strange StatementThe hats worn by Yankee players last night were…interesting to say the least.  Those hats, created for the Yankees to honor their World Series Championship, had an interesting symbol on the back.  Before we start, if it were me wearing strange merchandise after the Series, it would be those Phillies World Series t-shirts that were printed a little early.

Following their big win over the Phillies, the Yanks were celebrating in the clubhouse, spraying champagne and doing the typical post-World Series interviews.  During those interviews the players were wearing the commemorative World Series hats, which apparently were intended to depict the World Series Trophy (I think?).  That isn’t exactly what the image on the hats looked like to most of America though.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’ll save you some time.  The symbol looks like a male’s private parts.  It really really looks like it.  A-Rod grabbing Jeter’s ass aside, what makes it so funny is how everyone in that organization is an alpha-male type that essentially wears their privates outside their clothes (metaphorically).  A-Rod, Jeter, Girardi, and the entire Steinbrenner family have basically worn those hats for years.

2009 World Series Championship Hats Make Strange Statement

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