Memphis Tigers’ Will Coleman Nails the “Kiss Dunk”

Memphis Tigers Will Coleman Nails the Kiss DunkMemphis has a tradition of recruiting extremely athletic basketball players right out of high school.  Will Coleman is no different, except this time he was recruited out of Junior College.

In this clip, he performs the famous “kiss dunk”, where the dunker actually kisses the rim right before he slams the ball home.  It is difficult not only because of the vertical leap necessary to accomplish it, but also the timing needed to plant a kiss on the rim at the same time as throwing it down.  Let’s just say the kind of dunk LeBron James wants to put on our former President did not have the word “kiss” in it, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting.

For Will Coleman, it was no big task.  He may be putting exclamation point dunks a la Carmelo Anthony on a TV near you very soon.  Wait until you hear these measurements and you will understand why.  He will be entering his junior year at Memphis, and he is 6′-9″, 260 pounds (rumor has it he may even have bulked up more), with a 40+ inch vertical leap.  Not only that, but this amazing athlete also has crazy fast speed.  He didn’t play organized basketball until his junior year of high school, where he was Georgia state champion in the 100- and 200-meter dash.

So now he will be bringing these gravity-defying, freakishly athletic dunks to Conference USA, where comparisons to former-Tiger and current Houston Rocket Joey Dorsey are already being made (even though Coleman is already physically bigger than Dorsey was).  Based on this guy’s sheer athleticism, I think we can all count on hearing about him again soon in the future.

Hat Tip- [Slam Online]

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