Andre Iguodala’s Crazy Off-The-Wall Trick Shot (Video)

Andre Iguodalas Crazy Off-The-Wall Trick ShotAndre Iguodala is famous for his spectacular dunks and mid-air acrobatics.  We have gotten used to seeing his crazy windmills and power slams.  Who can forget that crazy dunk contest where he got robbed by Nate Robinson after making one of the greatest all-time dunks off the back of the backboard?

He has an entirely different trick here, and considering his field goal percentage from outside 10 feet, its a miracle to see it go in.  Generally I’m more for trick plays during the course of a game, like that Pee Wee football one.  Anyways, he starts out by walking to the far wall of the gym.  Then he whips the ball underhand against the wall and it bounces over his head and right into the basket.

As most trick shots out there on the internet go, I would have to assume this one is real.  Why would Iggy go to the trouble of making a random Youtube video of a fake trick shot that he could probably hit anyways.  And why isn’t he in the gym practicing free throws or three-pointers?  The kid shoots 74% and 30% respectively.

Also I’ve seen a few variations of this shot out on web before, but what seems to set this apart is that Iggy’s back is completely to the basket and it doesn’t seem like he is really looking to much before he goes to take the shot.  Impressive.  Too bad its not the kind of play that can be used in a game like Devin Harris’s wild halfcourt winner.

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