Cat Fight Breaks Out During BYU-New Mexico Soccer Game (Video)

Cat Fight Breaks Out During BYU - New Mexico Soccer GameHair-pulling, Tripping, Sucker-punches, Cheap-shot elbows and Kicking teeth in. That brand of violence doesn’t even fly inside the UFC’s octagon, let alone on an NCAA women’s soccer field. Nonetheless, during Thursday’s Mountain West Conference Tournament semifinal contest between the BYU Cougars and New Mexico Lobos, all of those things pretty much happened. In fact, WWE head honcho Vince McMahon might give some of these girls a call — New Mexico defender Elizabeth Lambert (No. 15), I’m looking at you — after that pier six brawl.

This was a brutal soccer match-up all across the board, but it was Lambert who made fellow collegiate athletes Brandon Spikes and LeGarrette Blount look like pansies. First, she kidney-punched a BYU player right in the back. Then she upped the ante by kicking a ball right into a fallen opponent’s grill from point-blank range. She got carded for that stunt. In between sending Cougars spiraling down left and right, she managed a couple of poorly-veiled swings. All of that’s nothing compared to her most outrageous attack of the night. After a skirmish with BYU’s Kassidy Shumway, Lambert got up and viciously yanked Shumway to the grass by her ponytail. Watch out, Troy Polamalu, because you could be next.

This just backs up what many sports fans have been saying for a long, long time — women athletes are arguably rougher than their male counterparts. No matter the sport, you are just as likely to witness fisticuffs during a women’s game as you are a men’s one.

Update: Women’s Soccer Bully Elizabeth Lambert Suspended Indefinitely

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